Viewpoints along the Toyama Bay


Abugashima (Viewed from the coast at Nadaura)

Abugashima is the largest island in Toyama Prefecture. It has a rare ecosystem consisting of plants representing the southern limit of the subarctic zone or the northern limit of the temperate zone, in addition to the native species.


Amaharashi Coast and Meiwa

Meiwa is a uniquely-shaped rock located about 50 m off Amaharashi Coast.
The Arisoumi, including Meiwa, has been nationally designated as one of the scenic sites of Okuno Hosomichi, a classic written by haiku poet Matsuo Basho.


Kaiwomaru Park

Kaiwomaru, or Lady of the Sea, was constructed as a training sailboat in 1930.
When her 29 sails are fully raised, she is a truly marvelous sight.
The Shinminato Bridge is 3.6 km long including arched areas, and the main pillars supporting the bridge are 127 m high. It is one of the largest cable-stayed bridge on the west coast of Japan. The scenery viewed from the promenade for pedestrians and cyclists is also astounding.
A monument has been placed in the Kaiwomaru Park in commemoration of having joined the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club.


The Fugan Canal Kansui Park

The Fugan Canal Kansui Park is a waterfront space surrounding the Fugan Canal that leads to Toyama Bay.
At the end of the canal, there is a boarding deck of Fugan Suijo Line cruise connecting central Toyama and Iwase, a bayside area.


Hotaruika Museum (Firefly Squid Museum)

You can enjoy learning about the ecology of firefly squid and mystery of Toyama Bay in this experience-based museum.
From March 20 to May 31, you can watch bioluminescence of alive firefly squid up close.


Japanese Cedars in Sugisawa (Sawasugi Nature Museum)

Japanese cedars fed by the one of Japan’s 100 best spring waters fantastically grow in clusters.
This is a rare place where the plants favoring warm climate and montane plants are seen at the same time.


Jade Beach (Miyazaki-Sakai Beach)

This natural beach of pebbles stretching about 4 km from east to west is remarkable for emerald green seawater.
You can find raw jadestone washed up on the beach. It is also a lovely spot to watch the sunset.