Delicacies of Toyama Bay


As a result of a varied topography of Toyama Bay and the 3,000-meter high Tateyama Mountain Range, the area is blessed with nutrient rich water and variety of tasty fish supplies. Additionally, as the fishing grounds are so close to the port, the freshness of the catch is guaranteed, just as if you scoop them up from a live-box and send them to the market. This explains why seafood from Toyama is widely renowned for the freshness, or “kitokito” in the local dialect.



In Hokuriku region, winter thunder is called “buri-okoshi”, or a harbinger of yellowtail. When the winter pressure pattern appears and the thunder that brings snow roars, yellowtails come into Toyama Bay. It tastes best in this season with high fat content. Buri daikon, made from yellowtail boiled with miso (bean paste) and tender daikon radish stored under the snow will really thaw you out.



In spring, firefly squids come to the shore to spawn and glow in blue-white. They can be scooped with a dip net. By boiling them and serving with vinegared miso, they become a finest side dish of sake.



The translucent and shining white prawns are called “the jewel of Toyama Bay”.
Making sashimi of white prawns is not easy because you need to dip your hands to iced water before peeling the shrimp so as not to warm them.
Recently, “white prawn burger” is also gaining popularity.